We are excited to announce our 3rd annual Saxophone Day @ Wayne on Sunday, March 25, 2018. This all-day event is geared towards exciting and expanding the knowledge of the young saxophonists in your band program. Either you or one or more of your students have participated in Saxophone Day @ Wayne in the past, and we hope you will return or pass along this great opportunity to them. Our guest artist is Derek Brown, the YouTube famous saxophonist who created the beatboxing saxophone technique ( Professor Russ Miller and I will be leading several events throughout the day, some of which include:

The MSBOA Solo and Ensemble rules and scales are available for download on the Download page. You can download them from the link below as well:

Here is a list of accompanists for Solo and Ensemble.

Chair rankings are the most common form of organization used by bands and orchestras worldwide. The ultimate goal is to place the most proficient players on the most difficult parts. Chairs are established within the first two weeks of the symphonic band portion of the school year. There are no chair rankings during marching band. All parts are assigned. After chairs are established students are afforded the opportunity to move to a higher chair position. This procedure is called ‘chair challenge.’ The details for chair changes are in the attached document:

Here is the flyer for thanking our sponsors for buying a 2017 NHS poster