NHS Band Absence Notification Form

This form for absence notifications was created to stream line taking attendance. No band policies have been changed.

We understand that due to extenuating circumstances absences may occur, and we would like to be as accommodating as possible. To notify us of your absence fill out this form for each date you will be missing. This includes arriving late and leaving early, even if it is for a club or school activity. A link to the form will pop up that both student and parent/guardian must sign and return. Handwritten notes will no longer be accepted.

If a student has an excused absence from the school day, this form is not needed; however if it is not your student’s band day an email to rayhepjo@northvilleschools.org would be appreciated as I will not have immediate access to school attendance.

Review the attendance policy in the NHS Band Handbook for details concerning make-up assignments for missed performances. Thank you for your cooperation.