Here is the handbook that we discussed at the Parent Zoom meeting, with a few extra links added. I will add the recording of the meeting and the registration form link as soon as they are available.

NHS Band Handbook 20-21

Bennett and Bo Chenowith along with siblings played for their neighborhood. Feel free to keep sending #playontheproch or any other videos demonstrating how you are sharing your gifts!

Screenshot of Channel 7 News Story

See the video on YouTube

Use this form if you already completed the initial order form and would like to add addition items:

The Show Shirt order will be placed on 9/23 no later than noon.

Students were assigned a marching band uniform during Band Camp in August, and if applicable (SB10, SB11/12, Jazz), will be assigned a tuxedo in November. Every effort is made to best fit each student with the marching uniforms and tuxedos that are available. Please help keep them in great condition for years to come by following the Uniform Care and Wear Instructions noted below.

See the attached file about the NHS Band poster fundraiser.