The Ben Bloom Music Scholarship is in memory of  Ben, Class of 2012.  Ben had a passion for all genres of music. Ben's first drum experience was at the age of 3 when he went to Music Together with his brother and mother.  Ben began drum lessons in the fifth grade because he wanted to learn how to play the bongos.  From there his interest turned to the snare and drum kit.  He was excited about learning to play and practiced a lot.  He continued his lessons even through college.  Ben participated in band all four years of high school, as well as Jazz Band and drum line.   He played percussion with the choir, and in the pit for school musicals. Ben performed with the Civic Youth Jazz Ensemble in Detroit  for two years.  He loved the experience of working with professional musicians and playing music with other students who shared the same passion for jazz. Ben each year participated in Solo and Ensemble receiving 1's in snare drum.  He also played in the Jazz Ensemble which also received 1's.   You will see Ben's picture on the Band Wall for All-State Honors too.

When Ben started college at UMDearborn,  he serached out the Jazz Club and I can still see him lugging his drum kit to his car early in the morning before heading to Dearborn.  Ben also continued taking drum lessons from his life -long teacher too. 

 Two aspects of music Ben really enjoyed was drumline and jamming with his band.  Being a member of drumline was a goal for Ben beginning in middle school.  His drum lessons focused solely on snare drum for awhile.  He achieved his goal and made drumline as a sophomore, and then as a senior was drumline captain.  The other aspect of music Ben enjoyed was jamming with his friends.  He loved to transcribe music, create music, and record with his buddies.   These two aspects of Ben's music life created many lasting friendships too. 

While pursuing music Ben also took his academics seriously. This scholarship is for a graduating student who exemplifies a similar passion for music, as well as achieving to the best of their abilities academically.

This scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior, who is currently in the Northville High School Band, who intends to pursue music  in some venue, whether as an academic major, marching band, pep band, jazz club, youth group (church) band,  etc, while enrolled in college.  Two, $1,000 college scholarships, will be presented at The Band Awards Ceremony.

The following criteria must be met by the application deadline of May 17, 2019:

  • A high school senior
  • The completed application
  • Attach acceptance letter from a college or university
  • Attach an essay of 200-500 words stating how music has affected your  life