Students were assigned a marching band uniform during Band Camp in August, and if applicable (SB10, SB11/12, Jazz), will be assigned a tuxedo in November. Every effort is made to best fit each student with the marching uniforms and tuxedos that are available. Please help keep them in great condition for years to come by following the Uniform Care and Wear Instructions noted below.

Marching uniforms and tuxedos are the property of Northville Public Schools and must be returned during the designated return day and time. Each piece is marked with a unique number which is recorded under your student’s name. Students are responsible for keeping track of items issued to them and each student must return the numbered items as issued to them. If a student turns in an item issued to another student, their own item will be considered missing and a replacement fee assessed. A repair fee will be assessed for any damages noted.

Marching band students will receive the following uniform pieces. Replacement costs are noted next to each item.

Coat ($225) Shako (Hat) ($50) Plume ($20) Black Hanger ($5)
Trouser ($100) Shako Box ($15) Plume Holder ($5) Garment Bag ($10)

Students in SB10, SB11/12 and Jazz Band will receive a tuxedo. Replacement costs are noted next to each item.

Coat ($225) Trouser ($100)    


Northville High School Band – Marching Uniform and Tuxedo Return Information:


Northville High School Band - Uniform Care and Wear Instructions:

If you have any questions, contact Uniform Coordinator Diana Shanahan.