Call time is 5 pm; concert starts at 7. We need to rehearse and have yearbook pictures taken before the concert. As always, please be sure to check in with me if you arrive late, whether excused or not.

OK to bring a snack to eat in between performances. Please be sure to clean up. All food trash should ONLY go into the large garbage can in the band room. Do not use smaller garbage cans, or the ones in the ensemble room, flex room, etc. Be sure to at least drink water (even better to brush teeth) before playing wind instruments. I encourage all students to bring their (labeled, please!!) large water jugs from marching band. It will be warm, and it's A LOT of playing, so hydration is important. The order is as follows: SB9, SB10, SB11/12, Jazz, Intermission, Marching Band Grand Finale.

Students must keep their belongings in their lockers or cubbies. Flutes and clarinets may put theirs under tables in the band room. Groups are rotating in and out of warmup, so do not leave personal items, coats, music, etc. on chairs. ALL non-jazz students: We need help completely cleaning band room, including moving chairs and stands while jazz is playing.

Attire: Marching band uniform for everyone. No shakos or gloves. Students MUST wear long black socks with no logos, stripes, etc. Students out of uniform in any way will not be in the yearbook photo. It will get hot on stage and in warm-up, so please do not overdress. I recommend shorts and a t-shirt.

Thank you to all those who have volunteered their time to make this popular event go smoothly. Looking forward to another great Band-O-Rama!