Friday, August 7, 2020


Hello NHS Band Students and Parents,

Our year is starting with some unprecedented challenges.  The Covid-19 virus has created a new normal for everyone.  Our plan is to make this year the very best we can for all of our students.  It will start with student safety first.

In order to ensure the best practices for our students’ safety you will notice that the attached rehearsal and performance schedule is quite short.  We are limiting rehearsal time to 2 hours or less and we have separated the band into smaller parts.  At this point there are no performances (football games or parades) scheduled due to the requirements of the state’s Phase 4.  The NHS building will not be open to students or parents except for retrieving instruments.  All rehearsals will be done outside.  In the case of bad weather we will cancel the effected rehearsal(s).  

Phase 4 attendance procedures:

As required by both the state and the district, students and parents are required to adhere to the instructions in the link below. Every band member/parent must fill this out every day they are coming to practice ON THE DAY OF THE PRACTICE, not before.

An attendance list generated by the completed, submitted forms will be sent to the directors before each rehearsal. If a student’s name is not on the list that student will be sent home.  It is imperative that every parent/student complete this form daily.

Phase 4 guidelines for daily rehearsals:


  • Will be worn at all times by everyone unless performing on a wind instrument
  • If we stop to discuss something masks must be put back on
  • Should be worn to and from rehearsals at all times

Student gatherings:

  • We will rehearse in groups of like instruments
  • Do not gather before or after a rehearsal
  • When meeting stand 6 feet apart

Equipment/water/hand sanitizer:

  • Do not touch any instrument or equipment not your own
  • Bring your own water – do not share with others (no water available at the school)
  • Bring hand sanitizer – each student should use throughout rehearsal
  • Students will label all personal equipment 
  • No food will be allowed on NHS campus


Band camp week 1 & 2

Aug. 10-12, Monday- Wednesday

Leadership Clinics
(Restricted to ONLY juniors and seniors this year)

10AM – 11AM
Aug. 12, Wednesday  Drumline Auditions

(Grades 10, 11 &12 only)

Aug. 13, Thursday

Leadership Auditions
(only juniors and seniors)

Aug. 14, Friday

Leadership Meeting


9:30AM- 11:00AM

Drumline Auditions
(Grade 9 and new students)



Zoom parent meeting
Meeting ID: 394 410 2759
Passcode: SymBand


Color Guard Meeting

Aug. 17, Monday

 All Grade 9, Drumline and Color Guard


Aug 18- Aug. 21,
Tuesday - Friday

Flute, Guard, Drumline

10:00 -11:30AM

Clarinet, A. Sax


All Brass, T. Sax, B. Sax and Clarinet 



Please note that this communication covers the first two weeks of band camp this year.  We will be sending everyone detailed communication within the next two weeks concerning equipment, shoe fittings, tuxedo shirt fittings, uniforms, and other details not covered in this communication.  We have said it before and we are saying it again – Be Safe and Well.


Go Mustangs!


Mr. Rumbell
Mrs. Ray-Hepp