Pep Band

Interested in Pep Band? Read the information below and submit the required Pep Band Google Form if you will be performing with the Pep Band.

Join the required Pep Band Remind if you will be performing with the Pep Band at any events.

Pep Band is a voluntary activity where a portion of the band goes to away football games, home playoff games that the full band doesn’t attend, or various events that we are invited to. For away sporting events, it’s free admission with instrument in-hand unless there are restrictions set by the other school’s Athletic Department. Wear any Northville colors and band spirit wear (“Halftime is Gametime” t-shirt, marching show shirts, section shirts, etc…) unless a particular uniform is stated. Be prepared for the weather at outdoor events.

Adam may schedule seminar rehearsals as needed to work on music and review best practices. Balanced instrumentation is needed. Pep Band will meet in the NHS Band Room before games to warm up and rehearse. For non-sporting events, we may meet directly at the venue. There are no buses, trucks, or trailer for Pep Band. It is best to carpool with other students or parents rather than everyone driving individually. You cannot just show up to perform at events unannounced.

For away sporting events, Mr. Samulski, the Northville High School Athletic Director, needs to give a list of band student names in advance to the other school’s Athletic Department, and they must approve of us attending. We will gather at the other school and must enter as one group.

For sporting events, we play the Fight Song after scoring, Go Orange and Eat ‘em Up, Drumline cadences, and segments of pre-/post-game music. We are not allowed to play when the game is in play (Northville will be penalized). For away football games, it is encouraged to go to the home team side to watch the band’s halftime show. Keep all interactions and behaviors positive at events – you are representing all of Northville, not just the Pep Band.

If you have any questions, please contact Adam Kollipara at

Note the following:

  1. If you cannot attend, do not submit the Google Form.
  2. If you are participating, you must complete all questions in the Google Form associated with the event and attend the scheduled rehearsals (announced by Adam and posted on the Google Calendar).
  3. If you are participating, you must join the Pep Band Remind.